Significance Of Good Web Design Web design is the process by which an individual deliberately plans how a website will appear to the users in order to maximize on internet presence. This process is guided by certain policies which aim to attain specific goals. After the careful planning of what the website will contain, the designer then puts it in electronic format which is then presented in form web pages where they can then be accessed by users. For one to say that a web design has been successful, the website needs to be user friendly in that, a person should experience minimal or no challenges when interacting with the internet site. The significance of web design ought not to be undermined. A good web design is a difference between a website that ranks lowest when a search is complete and another that appears among the first. The a site enjoys influenced by the ability of the users to locate it and appealing graphics it contains. It ensures that the purpose of its development is achieved. The users’ seamless interaction with the site makes this possible. Some factors ought to be brought to consideration to ensure that the website is good. The home page of a website communicates a lot. The the decision to continue using the website lies on the home page. The fonts and font sizes that appeal to the users should be used in the design. Designers think that fonts lying at the top, left and center improve viewer experience due to the fact that most people read from all dimentioms. The layout of the images should make them visible. It is of significance to have images that have a relation to what the website is all about. There is irony in having images of festivity yet the website is an academic one. Search Engine Optimization when used increases the ranking of the website when a search is done.
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The important aspects of good web design signifies a well-designed website. A well-designed website is responsive. A a responsive website can be viewed on different devices without losing its design. The design should also be compatible in the sense that it can be opened on different operating systems and browsers. This makes it have a broad scope of users.
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Navigation is a feature of a good web design. This refers to where the page movement is limited to horizontal or vertical direction. This makes reading the web content easier as the confusion of multi-directional scrolling is eliminated. An excellent web design produces a website that is interactive by including comment boxes and opinion polls. There is also a section for visitors to sign up and become clients. In this digital age, a good web design is essential in the development websites that are satisfactory to the users.