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Every time you think of eye exam it is important to have two experts in mind; optometrist and ophthalmologist and this piece focuses on why you should consult each o them. Eye examination help you know which type of eye treatment you deserve by defining the nature of the eye condition. The specialization of an optometrist provides primary optical care by treating retinal diseases as well optical issues such as cataracts and glaucoma. There are some parts of the realm where these types of opticians treat diseases. Optometrist also diagnoses and treats visual conditions like farsightedness, shortsightedness, presbyopia, and astigmatism. They can also detect and correct vision issues through the prescription of glasses and other contact spectacles. They can also offer rehabilitation of vision issues via medication as well as minor medical procedures.

An ophthalmologist on the other had offered a vast range of eye care services and performed delicate and complicated eye surgery.
The following are fundamental reasons for visiting and optometrist. If you want basic eye examination regardless of age, or when you want contact eye glasses or when you want these glasses examined, it is highly recommended you consult an optometrist. They are also the option of a pediatric eye examination for young children or when you require special lens fittings such as the ones which are worn after surgery, bifocal, high astigmatism and so on.

Apart from this, these optical experts also help patients require special eyewear for various reasons. Moreover, these eye physicians can help patients who are looking for special eyewear for different reasons. For example for the parents who look for a wide range of eyewear for their children due to different reasons can consult them. If you are looking for specialized sportswear, you can also consider visiting an optometrist; he can help you with tailored sports goggles such as ski goggles offered by optometrists.
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It is therefore very imperative to have regular eye examination more so in the modern world where environment is highly polluted. Just try to give it a thought, and you will see that your eyes are subject to the unregulated amount of light during the bigger part of the day. To add on this; the today life is full of extensive use of mobile devices. Just imagine of hours which you spend on the internet either doing research, writing emails, or even replaying; some are also depending hugely on the web and see your eyes are exposed to unregulated amount of light for very long hours. Despite the fact that the device can be said to be safe, remember that it cannot be perfect. Do not ignore the light traces of harmful rays; they continue harming your eyes day by day.
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With the above highlights, it is evident that you should always have a routine eye checkup. Imagine if you do it before the treatment? This means that the only sound way of alleviating eye issues is by having regular eye checkup.