How to Find a Good Radon Mitigation Contractor Many radon mitigation techniques can reduce radon levels in your home by almost 90 percent. Many homeowners can get their radon problems fixed for about the same amount as other usual home repair or improvement projects. Be sure that you employ a certified radon mitigation contractor to solve your radon problems because reducing high radon levels entails particular skilled expertise and technical know-how. If a contractor does not have the required equipment and skills, it can result in other potential health risks and more costs. Here are some of the most important things to remember when you are looking for a good radon mitigation contractor. Check Professional Organizations A lot of radon mitigation contractors often choose to be a member of a professional organization which professionally regulate their members and provide opportunities for continuing training. These organizations offer some level of assurance to a consumer that their members are up to date with the latest technology in the industry They also have a process in place for lodging complaints that you can use if you are not content with the quality of work that one of their member has provided. However, you should remember that membership in these organizations often cost a great deal of money, so there may be good contractors out there that are not affiliated with any.
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Look at the recommended costs of at least three radon mitigation contractors. Think about the services that you will get for your money – a less costly system may cost more money in the long run, while a more expensive system may prove to cheaper to maintain over time. Initial Consultation On the contractor’s first visit to your building, make sure that it is only a consultation, without any diagnostic tests. Remember that you should be asking the contractor as many questions as he is asking you. Do not only ask questions, consider this a great opportunity to demeanor and professionalism of the contractor and his workers. If there is adequate time, ask if you can look at photos and tests of past clients who have a similar situation or have bought a radon mitigation system similar to what you are supposed to get. Relationship The most significant component to consider is how well you get along with the contractor. Make sure that he is receptive to your ideas, goals, and project schedule. You should have an open line of communication with each other, and you should be comfortable about working with him to adequately address the radon problem in your home. Ensure that you completely relay your needs and requirements to the company and their employees so that there would be no problems in the future.