The range of laminate flooring on the market these days will satisfy even the most challenging of design briefs. Attractive finishes are not its only advantage, though – a long lifespan, good durability, low maintenance and being relatively economical are also important.

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However, flooring takes a lot of wear and tear, and you can improve its lifespan and good looks for longer with a basic maintenance regime. It helps to choose a natural look such as grey laminate flooring or perhaps stone-look.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Often new household items come with manufacturer’s recommendations for care, which may be more expensive but are suggested for a reason, so do your research.

Your basic tools are a soft broom to clear the debris, being careful to remove grit and hard items that scratch, and a cloth strip mop or floor cloth with a well-diluted proprietary flooring cleaner. Add some vinegar to help stop water spots from drying. Obvious additions are doormats to take the brunt of the wear, but you might also consider furniture pads to prevent dents forming.

Laminate floors are not waterproof as such, so any liquids should be removed and dried as soon as possible. Don’t use more water or a very wet mop. This is to prevent seepage between the laminate sections and water getting underneath, causing peeling or warping.

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Avoid damaging the surface with abrasive scourers – a bit of elbow grease for stubborn sticky stains will suffice. Similarly, avoid dragging furniture or heavy items that will scratch the surface. If damage does happen, repair materials are available and, at worst, a plank can be replaced, but this is rather drastic when it could have been prevented. For more information, look at sites such as

Let It Shine

Laminate flooring loses its shiny patina over time, making it look dull and dirty. Give the floor a good clean with a mop and, if it’s still dull, try neat vinegar on a cloth, which should get through to the shine below. For older, more worn floors, a floor polisher with appropriate shine products should restore the original gleam with a couple of coats.

There is no substitute for regular maintenance and cleaning to keep your laminate floor in good condition. It is built to last, so keep it clean and you will enjoy a good-as-new floor.