If you’re trying to come up with good ideas for your basement in Boston, Massachusetts, consider the various features and benefits to the Owens CorningĀ® Basement Finishing System that we offer at Lux Renovations. If you are planning a bedroom for a couple of kids, throw in a rustic-style bunk bed and usher in the woodsy cabin style But most homeowners prefer a serene and lovely basement bedroom that looks clean and complete. You also need basement finishing design ideas to go along with those pretty pictures.

If you take a look at most basement decorating ideas, you’ll see that typically bigger is better. Finishing a basement is typically less expensive than building an addition or moving into a larger house. There is another door that leads from the outside into the basement down uneven cement steps. An unfinished basement in an existing home is a slightly different animal and there are a few considerations to think about before trying to turn it into a finished room. If your basement has no windows at all here’s an idea that may not necessarily fool the eye but adds some needed atmosphere. With a basement gym, you can exercise completely on your own schedule without the need to fight for parking or waiting to use equipment. But having no experience with basement finishing construction techniques can be a deal breaker for most of us.basement Ideas

Furnaces and water pumps can be loud and annoying when they’re adjacent to a basement bedroom or home theater. With everyone spending more time at home simply converting the basement into a playroom for the kids can be one of the most affordable and personally rewarding remodels.basement Ideas

Ceiling tiles offer superior acoustic properties to soften noises, so the rooms above your basement are quieter. If you want it to be calm and serene paint it in neutral light colors and fill it with lots of lights. In that light if your basement is very low, or you have a low-hanging duct-work and wiring, you have to reconsider digging down to a new floor level. Keep most of your kids’ toys in the basement , and only bring up new ones when they tire of the current toys. Multiple, different sized windows enhance the light in to make a basement bright.basement Ideas

If you are a remodeling buff, you can cut into the walls and add shelving spaces, or you can find other areas to add basement storage, like under your staircase. The basement is a perfect location for a basement bar where family and friends can gather to enjoy a nice cocktail together. Stunning metal clad fireplace and vintage wood elements make this basement warm, cozy and very cool. These basement decorating ideas offer ways for expanding how you and your family live and use the space. Dartboards – Nothing could be more quintessential to a basement than dartboards. Hire a company that specializes in correcting basement water issues, not a general contractor. Floors: Plain vinyl flooring or subdued low-pile wall-to-wall carpeting are well suited to the contemporary basement.