The attic can be a functional and beautiful area of the home instead of a space where you store boxes and other items that you don’t need if you use a few remodeling ideas. Before beginning any kind of work in the attic, talk to a contractor who can give you a general idea about the attic remodel cost and the best way to approach the project. Most contractors can offer ideas about what you can use the attic for based on the structure, wiring and other details that are present to work with and what might need to be changed for a functional room.

One remodeling idea is to create a spacious bedroom for girls or boys. Install closets, large windows for natural light to shine through and a few window seats. Low-level cabinets can be installed on the walls so that there is space for books and other items that your children have to store. The cozy space that you create in the attic can give your children their privacy, especially if they are older and don’t want to spend as much time with younger children in the home or need somewhere quiet to do homework.

A game room is a fun remodeling idea that can bring the family closer together. It can also be an area to enjoy time with your friends and other family members who come to visit. One side of the attic can include a couch and comfortable chairs, a television on the wall and a video game system. Another half of the room can include a pool table or another kind of game table that you like as well as a bar area where you can serve drinks and snacks. Use paint in neutral colors with pictures on the wall in fun designs or paint in a bright color to bring life to the room. If you want a quieter place to read or watch movies, you can create a media room with an electric fireplace and comfortable seating with a plush rug. A recessed bookshelf can be installed so that there is more space in the attic.