The most basic requirement for turning the basement into a beautiful bedroom is getting the insulation right. Here is Jenn’s favorite basement idea – an art niche with down-lighting and 2 piece trim. Now…if it’s design solving basement ideas you looking for, Google Images is NOT going to do you much good. This greatly reduces the odds that a backed-up sewer line or septic system will flood the basement. That also can be a good opportunity to add drainage pipes along with thermal and water insulations to the basement floor. Recycled leather belts turned into flooring is a twist I never would have thought of before searching the web for interesting flooring ideas. Whilst it is typically more costly to convert a basement than to complete a loft conversion or extension, for those that have already completed these renovations or where even more space is required, extending below ground can be the best option. This DIY tool caddy by Mom 4 Real , built out of pegboard, is great for storage.

From the beginning your design ideas for the home theatre room, bar area, bathroom layout were all excellent ideas. Once you’re clear that your space is indeed worthy of expending some of your hard-earned resources, you can compile your checklist of design ideas that will maximize your basement’s untapped potential. The planning of the design and placement of furniture can often make the space capable of functioning as several different spaces at once.basement Ideas

There are so many design options to consider when remodeling your Illinois & Missouri basement. The options are endless, so consult a designer or builder to see what works for your basement remodel. Let the basement finishing experts at Finished Basements Plus help you design your dream basement. When choosing contractors to work on your basement conversion, find one who has done the job many times before and who is knowledgeable about applicable codes. A remodeled basement can make a great area for a comfortable private in-law apartment or guest area for the home. Glossy white cabinets keeps clutter out of sight for a clean basement aesthetic.

If the basement looks inviting as you walk down the stairs, you’ll want to go there often. Add wire shelves to your basement ceiling for storing lightweight (but still bulky) items like your Christmas tree and holiday decorations. Ceiling height is one of the most important considerations if you’re planning a gym in your basement: you’ve got to be able to stretch without hitting the ceiling. You could also paint the areas different colors to create division and make the spaces feel cozier.basement Ideasbasement Ideas

Whether you’d like a home theater or a children’s playroom, we can help you transform an underused basement into the bonus room you’ve always dream about. Often times while in the midst of basement construction, I’ll be discussing a basement topic. With the right décor you can be anywhere in the world, right in your own basement. The idea in basement remodeling is to keep the basement walls and soffits long and straight. Here’s a post with a video tour of my parent’s basement and 13 basement ideas they learned while finishing their basement. A small bathroom with a full shower is another convenient addition to this basement. I’ve also considered walling off one part of the basement for storage, the washer and dryer, and relocating the freezer separately. This is certainly not a DIY project to take on a whim, or without great planning.