Are you sitting on top of a gold mine when it comes to additional living space? Consider a decorative spiral staircase to your finished basement where you extended master suite expands with a private lounge, digital fireplace heater, and walk-in closets larger than your neighbors’ bedrooms. That entrance way just looks awful and it may need to be rebuilt or perhaps cleaning it up and some drywall might help it. Maybe I’m better off just keeping it as a basement. This blog has tons of pictures of great color combinations, plus it tells you the exact brand and color name. Neutral colors are generally easier to manipulate if you decide to change the purpose of this space later on down the road. If water is consistently finding its way into the space between your foundation and your finished basement walls, it eventually will cause problems no ¬≠matter what wallboards are used.

Transforming the basement from a cobwebbed infested storage unit into a rental unit to supplement your income can make you quite a monthly profit. The aforementioned ideas are all fun and entertaining, but the smartest notion for your basement is to turn it into an apartment.

If you are planning a renovation of your basement or you have an unfinished basement and you wonder how to use the space, these small basement ideas will be a good guideline. Lighting – Light is a critical design element and is even more important if the basement bedroom doesn’t have a window. Creating a children’s play room with Total Basement Finishing’s line of warm, durable materials is an ideal choice!

In that case the basement can be designed to accommodate being finished, even if it’s done at a later time. Painted¬†has the ability to add warmth, contrast, and transform any basement space for very little cost. If you don’t have a cellar, a retro-fit basement can be created but a project of this magnitude will require additional time and money. A basement with large TV viewing area, decent-sized mini-bar and billiards table.basement Ideas

Improving the look of a basement became popular and many people have opted to change their once boring basements into an ultimate man cave of delight! There’s no point looking at lots of basement ideas if it would actually be structurally impossible to install a basement room. From the floor to the ceiling, we work with you to turn your underutilized basement space into a room that you and your family will use for years to come.basement Ideasbasement Ideas