After going through a mascectomy, there is a good chance you are a little self-conscious when looking in the mirror. A lot of women struggle with the idea of only having one breast. If this is a current concern, check out breast forms near me. Many women are choosing a prosthetic breast as a way to help them feel more feminine. Nobody needs to know that anything is wrong. Set up an appointment for a fitting today.

If you are someone who enjoys going swimming, it can be a bit embarrassing to only have one breast. Not to mention, swimming is going to be harder than ever because the body will be off balance. Don’t give up doing something that has been enjoyed for so long. Instead, check into a mascectomy swim form today. You are going to feel more confident when entering the water. The best part is the fact that a good workout really helps to boost self-esteem.

Of course, it will be necessary to order a bra to go with the prosthetic breast. This is a very comfortable investment and it is going to make everyday life much easier to handle. As a woman, you may feel as though you are less than before simply because of the way you look. Don’t give up wearing tight tops. Instead, invest in a prosthetic breast and hold the head high. After all, you are a survivor.

Think about whether or not it would be better to have silicone, gel, foam or even fiber fill for the prosthetic breast. Some women prefer to order a few different styles so they can decide which one is most comfortable. The silicone is definitely going to be the heaviest.

Some women have only had a partial breast removal. If this is the case, there is a partial breast form available. Every woman is going to be different and this is why it makes sense to meet with someone who will go through the process step-by-step. Take the time to find the perfect prosthetic and rest assured, nobody will ever know this is not a natural breast.