Seating with built-in storage maximizes function with both storage and seating while maintaining a clean look. If the upstairs spaces could use an extra bedroom, a dining or entertaining area, or even something as specialized as a music studio or office space taking the unused area in a finished basement and creating those rooms in it is a great and easy alternative to trying to rearrange or even remodel the rest of the house to suit these needs.

Instead of blowing your budget on the largest movie screen you can buy and professional theater seating, consider comfy lounging spaces with oversized cushions, built in desks for workspaces and multiplayer gaming stations, and new coffee table sized tablets which get everyone engaged with multiplayer action.

That’s why several companies offer complete basement finishing systems that include waterproof wall panels, moisture-proof drop ceilings, mold-proof PVC moldings and water-resistant underfloor systems; everything to reduce the risk from water damage.basement Ideas

I think you might be interested in this for your future basement remodeling project. My favorite place to start a search for basement finishing ideas” is with our good friend Google. If you want a sleek look and a way to utilize all the space you have and stay organized , built-in shelving is a great option for how to finish a basement. Home basement pictures serves to represent what the finished living space of your unfinished basement looks likes once we’re finished. For many, the basement becomes a purgatory for things we can’t decide what to do with. To learn more about the various basement ideas that you can consider for your Boston home thanks to the Owens Corning® Basement Finishing System, contact Lux Renovations and schedule a consultation. Before making any changes to the layout of your basement, have your paint and flooring colors picked out. Angled & Trimmed Basement Windows – Those puny basement windows need some help.

Click through the pictures below to see examples of basements we have finished in St. Louis, Springfield, St. Charles, Florissant and other nearby towns and cities! A living area needs to feel warm and cozy, a bedroom needs to have a quiet and relaxing finish and a game room needs some exciting colors. As you draw up the plan for the basement and designate specific areas, stick to the goal of creating a warm, welcoming space and make every square foot count. If you’re just extending your house for some extra space to play with, the basement ideas you could have are the stuff of dreams: home gyms, snooker rooms, wine cellars, home bars and indoor swimming pools are among the most exciting uses. With an Images search you get nothing but pictures of exactly what you want to see, and in our case it’s just pictures of awesome finished basements. A contemporary basement with all those glass elements and beautiful lighting that brighten up the area.basement Ideasbasement Ideas