Has been used for centuries in every facet of life in the East, ranging from chop sticks to scaffolding. According to Tom Godfrey, spokesman for consumer organisation CHOICE, bamboo is hard-wearing, durable, easy to clean, and uses low embodied energy.” The latter refers to the total energy used to produce the flooring. While there’s over 1200 different species of bamboo, bamboo flooring is generally constructed from moso bamboo (Phyllostachys edulis). Bamboo floorboards are more durable than timber flooring and less likely to dent than laminate. To help minimize moisture content transfer from the concrete slab into bamboo flooring, a moisture barrier should be applied.bamboo flooringbamboo flooring

Deciding on whether a bamboo floor is right for your home or your client’s home is an important choice that should be researched thoroughly like any other major home decision. Quality installation and caring installers is very refreshing We would recommend Simply Bamboo to all. Simple care to keep bamboo floors clean and dry will provide many years of damage-free benefits. Bamboo flooring is a natural product that comes with many environmental and health benefits.

Bamboo Advantage – importer and distributor of select bamboo wood flooring and other environmentally friendly bamboo products. Bamboo is a fast growing plant, only taking a few years to reach maturity in comparison to hardwood. Bamboo flooring is installed by one of two methods: as a floating floor or by direct adhesion (with glue or nails) to the subfloor.

Sundy Trading – Wholesale bamboo flooring supplier, also carries bamboo kitchenware, house ware and bamboo arts. Your floor will be installed by Timberland’s own specialist, bamboo flooring installers to maintain quality control and to ensure a professional and high-quality finish. Strand woven bamboo is considered to be the strongest type of bamboo flooring because it consists of shredded bamboo that is compressed and bonded with adhesives. Bamboo floors are easy to clean by regular sweeping or vacuuming, but steps should be taken to ensure the prevention of any scratching or damage.bamboo flooring

According to the Janka test – a rating that measures the resistance of wood to indentation – the strand-woven bamboo is as hard as ironbark, one of the hardest species in the world,” Lock says. If interested in acquiring some,I would advise you to shop around as there is a lot bamboo flooring imported from China right now. The first rule of thumb in planning building a project is to double the estimated cost and amount of time you figure it will take to complete the job. When it comes to choosing a bamboo product and installer, don’t jump for the cheapest quote. SIMPLY BAMBOO has been selling bamboo flooring products worldwide for the past 18 years.