Home Improvement Jobs You Should DIY


There has been an increasing number of homeowners who have tried to save money by doing things themselves around the house. Though completing certain maintenance jobs like changing filters or unclogging the bathroom sink may be easy enough to accomplish on your own, there are some tasks, that can cause more harm than good. Many jobs around the home require a certain set of skills and education to be completed properly and safely. That includes jobs like these listed below:


Even if you don’t have a fear of heights there is a lot that could go wrong on the roof. Unless you have the necessary training and equipment to safely complete jobs on the roof of your home, it is strongly advised against. Many homeowners have reported falling and damaging themselves or their property. You should instead look for roofing companies st charles mo or in your locality …

Kitchen Island Ideas For Great Custom Kitchen Islands

Enter Our Monthly Prize Draw – win hampers, knife sets, pans and other great prizes. Some of the best kitchen design ideas are actually the simplest: Include a well designed kitchen island with open shelving, bar height seating, well placed outlets for kitchen appliances, prep sinks and garbage disposal to get the most out of a kitchen with an island layout.kitchens

Before that, only a few earlier experiments, typically in newly built upper-middle-class family homes, had open kitchens. It operated from 1919 – 1933, under Weimar’s vision of creating a ‘complete’ work of art that would bring together all arts including architecture, design and technology. Where workers’ apartments were equipped with a gas stove, gas distribution would go through a coin meter. If you’re starting a kitchen renovation, now is a great time to create exactly what you want.kitchens

Most of the cabinets in these are tastefully very plain but …

Parkwood Products Ltd

The Silver Series and Platinum Series are Brenlo’s 2- and 3-panel IN-STOCK, primed and ready-to-install stile & rail wood doors. Modern doors can be valuable from a construction and interior design standpoint. Bayer Built Interior Doors are available in a variety of wood species and factory-primed options and with Bayer Built Pre-Finish your door is sure to complement the look and style you desire. We have provided some advice set out below to show how they are fitted but if you’re at the stage of thinking about buying follow this link for how to measure an interior door. Our computerized digital measuring and automated door cutting process ensures that your new doors will fit just right. Thank you for visiting your top provider of modern interior and exterior doors to the US and Canadian markets.

Our range of internal fire doors are available in many of the popular styles and …

5 ways to bring natural light into your home

There’s nothing like a sunny day to chase the blues away. A home bursting with warm daylight is guaranteed to make us feel better and make our homes look their best.

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Sunlight is also essential for our health, helping the body to absorb calcium and keep our bones healthy, and protecting against osteoporosis and other serious chronic diseases.

You may have some rooms in your home that just never have natural sunlight flowing through. Here we discuss 5 ways to bring natural light into your home.

1. Cut back trees and bushes

The first step to allow natural light into your home is to ensure it can access your windows.

Trees around your home give you lots of privacy, but can also block the sunshine from entering your room. Trim them back to maximise the amount of light flowing into your home.

2. Windows

Dirty and grimy …

Awesome Best Bathroom Design For Small Bathrooms

Trust Robertson to bring the highest standards of quality, style and innovation to the space you create. Barbara Penge and her husband transformed their outdated 1970s-style bathroom into a sleek, modern, and spacious oasis centered around today’s trendiest neutral: gray. Bathroom decorating ideas for rustic rooms tend to include items like locally grown flowers, while large luxurious baths are another common design theme.bathroom design

Flexibility and efficiency of effort can be achieved through such design considerations as providing storage options at a variety of heights, a range of lighting options, adequate place to sit down in front of the washbasin, and a vanity with room for storing materials where they can be easily seen and reached.

Finding the balance between practical and beautiful is a challenge that is well worth the reward when designing a bathroom. In this small bathroom designed by Jordan Iverson, a floating vanity takes up less visual …