As of late, there has been an unmistakable resurgence of the modern design trend. This exciting design and deco style is influenced by the 1950s. This design style is deeply rooted in the Bauhaus movement. This design style can be described as simple and streamlined. The modern style incorporates both accessories and home furnishings.

Incorporating a little touch of modern into your home could not be easier than with the inclusion of a carpet. Seamlessly take your lounge from drab to modern fab with suitable alternative rugs.  Here are our top 6 reasons why you need an alternative to traditional rugs.

Quality First

For one moment you need to put aside choosing a colour for the rug you want to add to your home. You need to firstly look at the company manufacturing the rug. Make sure you choose a company which makes use of natural fibers such as silk or wool. Companies which make use of these materials also use timeless methods to craft the rugs. These include hand knotting.

Check out the antique designs

Many of the modern trends today still pull influence from nomadic or tribal designs. These designs with their bold colours and patterns are easily matched with today’s influential modern designs.

Go Traditionally Modern

Before you buy a modern rug you will need to browse through countless images to find the right carpet for your floor area. If you aren’t completely keen on putting a modern design rug in your home why not consider the possibility of using a traditional patterned modern rug? These are fashionable yet timeless.

Remember the design basics

There are a few rules which you will need to stick to no matter which design you are going with. Firstly, you need to make sure that the rug you are buying is the right size for your home. Do not buy a rug which is either too large or too small for the area. Next, you will need to know how much traffic can be expected through the area. If you are going to place the rug in an area of high traffic it needs to be more durable than if it were placed in a quieter area.

Colour Co-ordination

When you buy a modern carpet for your home, you will need to make sure that it perfectly matches the colour of the furniture which is already in place. If you have solid wooden furniture then you might want to include a pattern to your rug. The one this you will want to avoid is over colouring an area. Make use of the 60-10-30 design rule. Through this rule, 60 per cent of the room would be your base colour, 10 per cent will be an accent colour and 30 per cent will be a secondary or complimentary colour.

Make a statement

The one thing you do not want to be afraid of doing it making a statement. Your statement does not have to be bold and bright either. The best modern statement is one which is classic and neutral yet glaringly obvious. The key here is to do research. A neutral statement will leave your room feeling light and will reflect your heart.