There’s nothing like a sunny day to chase the blues away. A home bursting with warm daylight is guaranteed to make us feel better and make our homes look their best.

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Sunlight is also essential for our health, helping the body to absorb calcium and keep our bones healthy, and protecting against osteoporosis and other serious chronic diseases.

You may have some rooms in your home that just never have natural sunlight flowing through. Here we discuss 5 ways to bring natural light into your home.

1. Cut back trees and bushes

The first step to allow natural light into your home is to ensure it can access your windows.

Trees around your home give you lots of privacy, but can also block the sunshine from entering your room. Trim them back to maximise the amount of light flowing into your home.

2. Windows

Dirty and grimy windows can block a large amount of sunlight, so wash all your windows thoroughly to allow light through.

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Window treatments and curtains can also reduce sunlight, so remove any dark or heavy curtains. Choose lightweight fabrics in light colours for a brighter, lighter room.

Make it part of your daily routine to pull back your blinds, curtains and window coverings as much as possible. Consider also installing French doors or larger windows, or adding windows where you can, as this can make a huge difference.

3. Skylights

If you are unable to install new windows, consider skylights to bring more light into your home. There are a variety of skylights to choose from, to suit any room and budget.

4. Solar tubes

If you have rooms in your home that never see the sun, solar tubes could be your answer to natural light. Formed of reflective, twisted pipes, they bring sunlight from the roof, up to 30 feet down one or two floors of your home.

5. Mirrors

A simple and budget friendly method of increasing the natural light flowing into your home, mirrors also make the space seem much bigger. Consider hanging a large mirror on the opposite wall of a window to reflect the incoming light, doubling the sunlight in the room.