Healthy Tips for Happy Indoor Cats

Provide plants in the room where the cat is found. Since cats like playing with plants adding plants will make them feel as if they are back to their natural habitat. You take precaution not to add plants that are poisonous that may kill your cat. Add some layer of rocks on top of the ground around the plants to prevent cats from digging into their roots.

You should also ensure that you play with your cat on a regular basis. There is nothing that cats love more than playing. It is important that you engage your cat every day in playing. Playing with makes them feel that they are loved. Besides that also buy some toys and use in playing. The the best toy for a cat can be a moving one that it can move around and cause. Playing with cats is not only a symbol of love, but it also helps them in exercising to keep them fit. It will always be a fun and enjoyable to play with cats.

Ensure safety in your home. Since the cat is playful you should put fragile things that can easily break in a safe place. This will prevent cats from jumping into them and spoiling them. You should also design your windows in such a way that when they are opened the cat cannot get an escaping route. The the purpose of the windows will be to allow fresh air in and bad one out.

Cats should be provided with litter box and given a chance to get used to them. All living organisms remove waste and cat is not an exception. They will, therefore, use the litter box to do their business. Ensure that one of the edges of the box is small enough for the cat to climb across. The the litter box should be easy to move and clean. This will do away with litter problem completely.

You should also provide your cat with better food that is rich in nutrients. To keep the cats healthy you should expose them to a balanced diet. Without food, cats will run away. When buying food consider that cats don’t eat grains they majorly like meat especially the canned one. Before you buy meat at the back of your mind you should know that cat is a flesh eating animal so don’t buy plants.

You should also provide with dish where they will eat their food from. You should buy heavy stainless steel bowls which cannot scratch easily. Cats also needs posts where they can scratch since they like scratching things to prevent them from scratching your couch.