Himalayan Salt Lamps: What are the Benefits? Himalayan salt lamps are starting to get more popular than ever but the truth is, many people still do not know that there are actual health benefits these items can offer. Aside from just lighting up a dark area, a Himalayan rock salt lamp can actually provide improvements in one’s quality of life.
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Allergens and airborne pollution are much powerful nowadays than in the past. You may already have an idea how a salt lamp works and how it releases negative ions that produce cleaner air.
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There’s actually more to this process than what you may know. Common colds, allergens, and other viruses are easily spread around the environment due to the air’s moisture. Salt is a natural moisture-attracting element. Whenever a Himalayan salt lamp is activated, captured moisture will start evaporating immediately due to the heat from the bulb and this will then result to the discharge of oxygen and negative ions. This is the process of creating cleaner and safer air to breathe. Technology is getting more and more rampant these days than ever. However, studies reveal that radiation from technological devices can result to various health issues. Electrosmog is even powerful enough these days to cause critical imbalances in one’s physical and mental state. A Himalayn rock salt lamp, which is built on an atomic structure, has the power to fight the negative effects of electrosmog. Salt lamps are fished from mountain foothills and water areas that are overflowing with halite, meaning the process of creation occurs naturally. This is why every salt lamp is unique from the other. A Himalayan salt lamp is absolutely free from any hazardous elements, chemicals, or irritants and is known to be one of the most reliable natural air purifiers out there. Unfortunately, safe and clean air is expensive nowadays, with the rise of high end electronic air purifiers. Things are even harder for those who are residing in polluted and highly populated towns. Some opt for the more expensive methods of getting ionic air while others choose the cheaper and natural one. Do know that a Himalayan rock salt lamp is the safer and more cost-effective way to clean air. Researchers have finally unveiled the truth behind some of the most patronized air purifiers in the market today. Many of these purifiers are harmful to the environment as they produce high ozone levels which are hazardous to Earth and its inhabitants. Salt lamps do not have these issues. It remains the safest way towards obtaining clean ionic air. Many people have testified that Himalayan salt lamps are act as stress relievers. They also encourage relaxation to those who are ready to hit their beds and offer utmost serenity whenever they are turned on. The most important thing to remember when buying a Himalayan rock salt lamp is to ensure that the provider you’re getting the lamp from has been determined through the following criteria: reputation, recommendations, reviews, experience, customer support, quality of products.